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Malaysia Luxury Tour
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Travel to Malaysia with Anjna Global and get the most of Malaysia city tour with the best of Southeast Asian crossroads. You will visit exotic beaches and wilderness, unique cultural interactions, stunning cities, and plenty of amazing moments on our Malaysia tours and travels

Malaysia Luxury Tour Packages

It’s time to get indulged in the cosmopolitan vibes of Kuala Lumpur and visit the exciting tourist attractions like Independence Square, Grand National Monument, the iconic Petronas Towers and the well-known Selangor Club.

Malacca was once a leading hub of trade between the West and the East. Now it is a mansion of the golden era on the banks of a river. You can explore the art and science behind cultivation of world’s finest teas in the soothing winds of Cameron Highlands, browse the local markets and mingle with the friendly people at rural village.

Once called as the “Pearl of the Orient”, Penang houses the well-known Dragon Mountain hall, redoubtable Fort Cornwallis, and bustling Chinatown streets.

Don’t miss Borneo, a secluded remote island of vivid cultures, variety of jungles and wildlife in the world’s oldest rainforest. Batang Ai welcomes you to a longhouse where you can have a pleasant journey. You may head to the Mangrove Forest Reserve to spot varieties of monkeys, stroll along the Kuching streets, and have fun on some of the exotic beaches of the Pacific. Whether you prefer to stay on mainland Malaysia, Borneo or all of these places, Anjna Global will always be there with Malaysia package itinerary to make your trip innovative, authentic, and truly unforgettable.

Malaysia Family Holiday Packages

Treat yourself with amazing and relaxing Malaysia city tour packages available with us. Whether you want to relax and have fun, luxury holidays with family and friends, have a new adventure, or a trip to your favorite chill-out destination, you are at the right place. Add a bit of spice to your life and relive the moments with our exciting Malaysia local tour packages. Travel to weekend getaways, discover new and unexplored destinations, and visit several major attractions with our local sightseeing packages.

At Anjna Global, we make it easier by offering the best luxury packages to visit your favorite destinations. Don’t miss the best deals for holiday destinations across the world. We are here to offer customized packages so you can plan your travel to various tourist attractions. For further queries, please speak to our customer support for customized tour packages.

Helicopter tour in Langkawi
  1. lakes, lagoon and secret water ways
  2. Views of the mountain range, tiny Island
  3. Sprinkled Andaman Sea
Jet Ski Tour
  1. Trekking and snorkelling
  2. Visit the lake, lagoon and cliffs
  3. See animals like Fish and monkeys
  4. Eagle feeding session
Naam Cruise Tour
  1. Open air deck
  2. Watch falcons
  3. Delicious Buffet meal
  4. Changing hues of the sky
Langkawi Sailing & Island Hopping
  1. White sandy beaches
  2. Swimming and snorkelling
  3. marine mammals like eagle
  4. Delicious BBQ meal
Langkawi Island Hopping by Boat
  1. Enjoy snorkelling, swimming and eagle feeding
  2. Observe bird’s prey & wildlife
  3. Cruise along the ocean and marvellous sights
  4. Mythical lake
Kuala Lumpur Cultural Night Tour
  1. The Sri Mahamariamman Temple
  2. Petaling market of Chinatown
  3. Malay Buffet Dinner And Cultural Show
  4. Malay Restaurant