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Langkawi Island Hopping By Boat
Langkawi Island Hopping by Boat

Explore the history and wonderful sights of Langkawi Island with a boat tour to have a chance to witness the serene and natural beauty of nearest areas. The boat takes you to the spot where you can explore the eagle feeding and birds’ prey session during the tour. The boats men also throw some pieces of chicken to feed the eagles where visitors can capture the session of Eagle feeding, diving for food and hovering around. In this island, you can have opportunity for adventures like jungle trekking, kayaking, and canopy tours. Here, visitors can have the view of wildlife at its best. On the boat ride, you can visit the marine creatures, vivid gardens, and enjoy snorkeling and diving excursions. Here, you can witness the shores connecting to it and dip in the pool of crystal clear waters and relax and unwind at the pristine beaches and soak up in the sun. You can also witness plenty of vivid marine creatures and fish at this snorkeling spot.

You can also explore the lake which is believed to have some mythical powers on the boat and it is known to be the blessing for parents who don’t have child. You can click pictures of the lush greens and serene surroundings to remember your moments in future. Here, you can have fun at the Dayang Bunting Island with activities like peddle boating and swimming on the beach. You can explore the eagles swooping from the sky and catching fish from the water. It is the ideal tourist destination which is filled with a lot of shady trees with serene views and gentle breeze.

  1. Explore bird’s prey and wildlife
  2. Pick up and drop off from hotel
  3. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and eagle feeding
  4. Relax on sandy beaches
  5. Cruise along serene sights and ocean
  6. Visit the serene mythical lake and nearby regions


Helicopter Tour In Langkawi
Helicopter tour in Langkawi
  1. lakes, lagoon and secret water ways
  2. Views of the mountain range, tiny Island
  3. Sprinkled Andaman Sea
Jet Ski Tour
Jet Ski Tour
  1. Trekking and snorkelling
  2. Visit the lake, lagoon and cliffs
  3. See animals like Fish and monkeys
  4. Eagle feeding session
Kuala Lumpur Cultural Night Tour
Kuala Lumpur Cultural Night Tour
  1. The Sri Mahamariamman Temple
  2. Petaling market of Chinatown
  3. Malay Buffet Dinner And Cultural Show
  4. Malay Restaurant