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Langkwai Sailing AND Island Hopping
Naam Cruise Tour

Langkawi is a well known tourist destination where you can enjoy luxury vacations in this city and it is designed well for adventure tourists. In this adventure tour, you can enjoy sailing and walk along the beach to discover Marine life on a luxury yacht. This luxury sail boat will take you to the amazing islands to leisure at the beach which is a great way to embrace the natural beauty of tropical islands where you can have an option to explore diversity of flora and fauna. It has huge range of drinks like beer, wine, cocktails and soft drinks arranged for you along with the tasty BBQ meal. You can have a great time to sail with your family and friends at the luxury ships at the island and you can easily start the tour.

There are lots of boats in this island where you can explore giant mountains where you can explore the lizards, monkeys, and eagles at the mangroves. It is a great way to enjoy holidays in surrounding areas and explore marine life. Visitors can have fun activities to have wonderful experience. Along with these activities, you can also feast tasty grilled dishes and huge range of drinks. You can definitely have a chance to picnic, swim, and relax on the island where you can also explore various animals while exploring the tropical rainforest. You can definitely have your great day at the serene sandy beaches on a luxury yacht.

  1. Pick and drop from your hotel
  2. Picnic, leisure and have fun at the white sandy beaches
  3. Explore marine creatures like monkey and eagles
  4. Enjoy snorkeling and swimming
  5. Enjoy delicious meals and drinks
  6. Tropical rainforests


Helicopter Tour In Langkawi
Helicopter tour in Langkawi
  1. lakes, lagoon and secret water ways
  2. Views of the mountain range, tiny Island
  3. Sprinkled Andaman Sea
Langkawi Island Hopping By Boat
Langkawi Island Hopping by Boat
  1. Enjoy snorkelling, swimming and eagle feeding
  2. Observe bird’s prey & wildlife
  3. Cruise along the ocean and marvellous sights
  4. Mythical lake
Kuala Lumpur Cultural Night Tour
Kuala Lumpur Cultural Night Tour
  1. The Sri Mahamariamman Temple
  2. Petaling market of Chinatown
  3. Malay Buffet Dinner And Cultural Show
  4. Malay Restaurant