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Anjna Global is liable for cancellation of booking if we don’t get 100% of the payment on time. We request our customers to pay at least 40% in advance as booking fee for confirmation of the selected package and pay the rest amount 20 days before departure.

If you feel that you need to cancel booking, please notify us in writing. No refund shall be provided after departure. Well, you may cancel your arrangements at your own time. Send an email or written notification to us from the concerned person who booked your trip. The cancellation charges will be charged as applicable. Booking can be cancelled or changed according to the hotel’s cancellation policy and company’s terms.

Cancellation period Cancellation Policy
Cancellation before 30 days or more of departure 25% of net cost of package
Within 30 to 15 days of departure 50% of total cost of package
Within 15 days or less 100% of total cost

For any help, change or cancellation of your package, you can contact Anjna Global. But charges about any cancellation or change of booking shall be acceptable from the customer. Anjna Global is always available for any modification or changes of package. In case your tour is affected by any sudden changes like extreme weather, natural calamities etc. we will try to make changes and provide other dates if your tour has not started yet.

Note – You will get all booking vouchers 3 days before departure.


There will be no refund provided of any amount because of lack of resources or natural calamities.


All information offered by customers on online booking, including their address, name, email id and credit card information is considered private and will not be sold or disclosed to anyone except for third parties or suppliers who are involved in loop is important for proper processing of order. Before disclosing your details, we ensure that these parties follow our privacy policy and stick to safety procedures.


If you have any complaint with our services or us during holidays or having any issue, ask our representative at any time. You can write to us if your grievances are not resolved locally. We will get back to you within 30 days with your booking ref. and we will provide all the information. We are here for your help. Our service staff will help resolve your problem as soon as possible.


If you want travel insurance for your trip, you have to arrange it yourself, as Anjna Global doesn’t offer any travel insurance.

  • Anjna Global is not liable for hotel, transport or any third-party services. It means hotels shall be held liable for their hospitality and transporter will be liable for any travel delay.
  • Travelers shall be liable for safety of their personal documents and belongings. Anjna Global shall not be liable for that.
  • If we promise any service in your package and is also written in your vouchers but not provided, we can compensate for the inconvenience or services at the same time. We request you to take all details of your package in written through
  • We offer packages on night basis on our official site ( According to the hotel policy, last day of package is just for check out.
  • Unless you have written documents offered by us, Anjna Global shall not be liable for any stay in the hotel.
  • Anjna Global shall not be liable for star rating or any services of a hotel. We recommend you to check the hotel first with ratings and customer reviews.
  • Before making any booking with hotel, we request all our customers to check photos and reviews. It will help you avoid any inconvenience at the time of holidays. We hope you will have fun and great vacations.
  • Usually, some hotels ask for non-refundable deposit on booking. So, you should check the refund policy beforehand.
  • Our customers are requested to pay some amount for confirmation of the booking. You can pay the rest after receiving confirmation.
  • Check-in time at the hotel – 2:00 PM
  • Check-out time at the hotel – 10 AM to 12 PM
  • Breakfast time at International hotel – 7:30 AM to 10 AM
  • Late check out and early check-in shall be applicable according to availability of rooms on hotel. It can be charged extra. Anjna Global shall not be liable for any extra charges from hotels for late check-out or early check-in.
  • In case of cancellation or delay of flight, customers may miss the chance of sightseeing. No refund shall be provided for this. All such terms fall under tour operators. None of our employees can handle this.


    Anjna Global shall not be liable for accuracy of any services in this package as photos of hotels are provided by the specific hotels. So, Anjna Global shall not be liable for appearance of room. We just try to provide best possible experience to meet your expectations.


    After cancellation of booking, amount shall be non-refundable and it can be set on per person basis in some cases. Cancellation charges are set as per the region in some hotels and policy of an area. And cancellation policy varies in each package.


    Anjna Global reserves the right to confiscate the whole deposit amount. In case of medical issues, sickness, etc. cancellation charges may be applicable according to the policy.

  • Customers are advised to have a valid photo ID along with the original copy of voucher provided by us to present the hotel and avail all the services by booking. Hotel can deny booking if you don’t present the vouchers on check in and you will not be allowed to check-in at the hotel. In that case, Anjna Global shall not be liable for any inconvenience.
  • If the hotel mentioned in the voucher is overbooked, we will arrange some other hotel for you.
  • Don’t consume hard drinks too much and avoid being over drunk during the flight to avoid any problem during your immigration and arrival.
  • Customer shall be liable for any increase in taxes
  • If you make online payment, 2.5% transaction charges will be levied on the total amount of booking. If you cancel the booking, no refund of transaction charges will be provided. For making payments using American Express payment card, 6% transaction charges will be done and it will be non-refundable.
  • There are chances that rates might increase because of the gap between the date of quotation and time of booking. In that case, customers will have to bear increased amount.
  • So, we suggest you to book your package quickly so there will be no problem about the rates. After receiving the payment of booking, we will consider all the confirmation.
  • You can pay for the package through card or deposit to our bank account in cash.
  • We shall not be liable for any compensation if customer or the company had to cancel booking because of any external and uncontrolled circumstances.

  • We request our customers to carry booking vouchers and e-tickets with valid ID
  • You need to pay minimum booking account to confirm booking.
  • Anjna Global shall not be liable for any kind of refund, traveler visa, and other charges applicable.
  • Visa shall be valid for up to 6 months from the date of return and 9 months in Malaysia.
  • Additional charges in booking shall be collected from the customer.
  • Some surcharges might be application above and over the package.
  • Customers should make some payment in advance for confirmation of booking and also clear the balance amount as discussed with the company.

  • At Anjna Global, we are responsible to provide best quality services to our customers at best prices which are accurate on the date of issue and are displayed on our website. However, the date of issue might be subject to change in circumstances or market condition. But it no longer affects the existing position.
  • We reflect any warranty on representation, undertaking on the basis of complete quality, accuracy or any content of this site.
  • If any debit/credit card, billing address, and verification number cannot be verified on timely basis, we will never be responsible for any losses. We will also not be liable for any change in rates or other amendments during the billing and verification process.
  • We work with hotels and packages with full efforts and provide acceptable standard of services.
  • We shall not be liable for any kind of compensation if customer or company had to cancel booking because of any uncontrollable situation.

  • Visa must be valid for at least 6 months to date of return.
  • Payment shall not be refundable in certain situations, especially in case of group packages, which will be non-refundable once booking is confirmed.
  • In case of booking for more number of visitors, cancellation charges shall be subject to total cost of package or up to supplier, hotel, and transport.