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Tanjung Sanctuary
Tanjung Sanctuary Langkawi

Tanjung Sanctuary is a beautiful resort on the west coast of Langkawi stretched over 67 acres of landscapes having freshwater streams, private sandy beach, and rocks. It offers peaceful settings and other facilities, such as water sports, swimming pool, bar, restaurant, spa, TV lounge, and best services to ensure utmost convenience of customers. You can choose from different types of recreational activities and programs of areas which attract millions of visitors to explore the breathtaking views of the landmark. It features luxurious and well-equipped rooms with modern architecture offering a lot of facilities at the beautiful hotel. It offers complete access to migratory birds, wildlife, and private beach where you can have breathtaking views of nature.

In this resort, the neighboring area offers shelter to over 200 species of monkeys, migratory birds, lizards, and flying squirrels. Visitors can have fun with friends and family. The resort is located at the Andaman Sea and has an outdoor pool, private beach, and a lot of water sports. It is located on the hillside which takes only a couple of minutes to reach by taking a cable car from the oriental village. There are well decorated and spacious rooms in the resort, along with sea facing villas, private balconies, beachfront villas, sea facing villas, and hilltop villas. It is located amidst the serene beauty with private beach and flora and fauna. All these aspects make it the best holidaymaking destination for the tourists.

  1. Hilltop Villas :These villas are located atop the hill where you will have the views of forest hills and beach to present the breathtaking views of outside.
  2. Beachfront villa :These are the serene and tropical villas located on the sand and furnished with ceiling fan and polished wooden floor. It has the sea facing rooms with best services.
  3. Sea facing villas :These are the well-furnished villas offering best services, hospitality and modern architecture to grab the eyes of visitors.

  1. Commute by cable car from the oriental village
  2. Breathtaking views of the beach from sea-front balconies
  3. Easy access to birds, wildlife and private beach
  4. Restaurant, lavish rooms, bars, and outdoor pool

  1. Parking is complimentary
  2. 24x7 Availability

Penang Hill
Penang Hill
  1. Cable car ride
  2. Owl Museum
  3. luxurious resort
  4. Hindu temple and a tea kiosk

A Famosa
A Famosa
  1. Animal World Safari
  2. Cowboy Town
  3. A’Famosa fishing pond
  4. Water World and Wild West Show

Manukan Island
Manukan Island
  1. Adventurous and water sports activities
  2. White sandy beach
  3. Best Snorkelling Spot
  4. Activities for the kids