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A Famosa
A Famosa

A’Famosa is a very popular tourist attraction in Malaysia which consists of an outdoor and indoor theme park, golf course, and a hotel. It is one of the oldest architectural landmarks in South East Asia and ideal place for recreation at the tennis courts, golf course and swimming pool. You can enjoy wonderful activities like paintball, archery, horse riding, rock climbing, boating, cycling, target shooting, horse riding, and fishing in several theme parks like Cowboy Town, Animal World Safari, Wonderland and Water World.

In this resort, you can have something for everyone with different activities. The resort is located in a quick distance from Melaka historic town. To start your adventurous journey from safari park, you can spot several wild animals like lions, tigers and sun bears. You can also spot the crocodiles in water when passing along the Crocodile River and forest zone. You can also spot various wild animals roaming in the jungle freely in their own habitat.

  1. Cowboy Town -It is a beautiful place and rusting house of theme park for kids, a beer garden, and a shopping village.
  2. Animal World Safari -You can enjoy the safari and spot wild animals like lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, and camels.
  3. Fishing -A wing of natural lakes, the A’Famosa fishing pond is the perfect spot for fishing where you can avail fishing rods.
  4. Wild West Show -It is a public square offers an amazing and exciting experience when you watch the tricks and stunts.
  5. Water World -It is a beautiful aqua theme park which features mini slides, wave pool, and high-speed slides. You can enjoy a lot of water sports and recreational activities like cycling, horse riding, and fishing..
  1. See various animals in their own habitat
  2. Have fun at shopping village, theme park and beer garden
  3. Stunning stunts and activities like biking, horse riding, and fishing
  4. Wave pool, slides, and golf course
  5. See the tricks played by monkeys on the bank of ocean
  1. Closed on Tuesdays
  2. Opening hours – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 11 AM to 7 PM, and Saturday and Sunday – 9 AM to 7 PM
Manukan Island
Manukan Island
  1. Adventurous and water sports activities
  2. White sandy beach
  3. Best Snorkelling Spot
  4. Activities for the kids
Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island
  1. White sandy beach
  2. Fishing Village
  3. Jungle-trekking
  4. Mount climbing, kayaking and paragliding
Sepang International Circuit
Sepang International Circuit
  1. Formula 1 race
  2. Museum and sports club
  3. Shops and exciting games
  4. Entertainment Events