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Manukan Island
Manukan Island

Manukan Island is among the largest islands in Malaysia located amidst tropical greens offering unmatched views and water sports activities, delicious dishes, and hotel accommodation at one of the best parts of the world. It is a wonderful and exotic destination where you can embrace the serene landscapes and views of the island. You can enjoy a lot of activities like snorkeling, diving, and trekking in this island, enjoy relaxing stay in its villas, and have fun at outdoor pools and restaurants. You can explore the marine life around the sandy beaches in glass boats covered by turquoise blue water, making it ideal for swimming.

You can definitely have fun with family and kids in a huge theme park where you can capture the serene vistas of the valley. Some of the major highlights are shopping centers, amusement parks, entertainment area, food courts, and fitness centre in the highland. It also houses bars, lounge, and pubs for best drink, dining and accommodation options. It is located closely to lush greens of nearby rainforest and a lot of activities for relaxing and fun stay for the visitors.

  1. White sandy beach :The long and sandy beach has tranquil sea and crystal clear waters making it ideal for non-swimmers. Kids can splash in the water as water is calm at the sea. Tourists can soak in the beach sun and have relaxing experience.
  2. Adventure :– It has a lot of water and adventure sports activities that are planned for the visitors.
  3. Manukan Island :It is currently an ideal snorkeling spot which is ranked as an ideal destination to enjoy snorkeling with plenty of fun activities.
  4. Facilities :There are plenty of facilities at the island which are available to meet the needs of visitors, including fine dining, hotel, and spa retreats. It is also an ideal heaven for leisure and swimming at the beach.

  1. You can have lots of fun with water sports
  2. Have your day at leisure at sandy beach
  3. Enjoy amazing and adventurous rides
  4. Kids can enjoy a lot of activities
  5. Ideal resort for fine dining, accommodation and drinks

  1. Ticket price varies according to activities and age

Mount Kinabalu
Mount Kinabalu
  1. Paragliding, climbing and trekking
  2. Mount Kinabalu Climb
  3. Kinabalu National Park
  4. Diverse flora & fauna
Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island
  1. White sandy beach
  2. Fishing Village
  3. Jungle-trekking
  4. Mount climbing, kayaking and paragliding
Sepang International Circuit
Sepang International Circuit
  1. Formula 1 race
  2. Museum and sports club
  3. Shops and exciting games
  4. Entertainment Events