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River Safari
Singapore River Safari

Singapore River Safari is the best and fun outdoor adventure activity at the artificial wildlife themed park where you can have opportunity to get closer to a lot of wild creatures. It is positioned between night safari and Singapore Zoo. You cannot see any other attraction like this anywhere in the world. Here, you can experience wildlife in the center of the city. It is an experience like no other where you can see the iconic rivers in the world, monkeys, manatees, piranhas and pandas as well. This recently built wildlife park has over 40 species and 5000 animals.

The park has a lot of special features of 8 rare rivers and is split into three different parts to explore the different world of adventure and also visit the giant panda forest. Explore the Mekong fish, Paddle fish and other aquatic species in this calm and pleasant environment. It has aquarium and themed zoo in Singapore managed by Wild Life Reserves Singapore. Have immersive experience by boating at Amazon River and learn about river and animals. This adventure is really unforgettable at the most iconic rivers in the world.

  1. Flamingo Lake:It is one of the most popular attractions where you can spot the animals like fox and panda with rust colored face and fur.
  2. Boating:You can enjoy boating at Amazon River for 15 minutes with safari cruise and each cruise carries 50 passengers. You can visit the tropical rainforest and meet the manned wolf and jaguar.
  3. Dine through the safari:Mama Panda Kitchen is the best place to dine with cute panda themed dishes like cappuccino with panda coffee art and well known panda pav.
  4. Boating:Boat along the river on wooden boat with open deck and witness the exotic wildlife on river along the mangroves.
  1. A ride over the rarely found 8 rivers of the world.
  2. Watch the activities of the Pandas.
  3. River themed as zoo & aquarium.
  4. Enjoy boating & Horse riding
  5. Opportunity to visit river themed wildlife park.
  6. Opening hours: - 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
I Fly Singapore
I fly Singapore
  1. World's largest themed wind tunnel
  2. Great Indoor Adventure
  3. Experience free-fall
  4. Sky venture over 32 tunnels
Skyline Luge with Skyride
Skyline Luge with Skyride
  1. Jungle Trail & Dragon Trail
  2. Night luge
  3. 4D roller coaster ride
  4. Forest adventure
Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure Park
Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure Park
  1. Siloso Beach
  2. Palawan Beach
  3. Tanjong Beach
  4. Night ride