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Ifly Adventure Tours
I Fly Singapore

Enjoy your living with the largest themed wind tunnel in the world to enjoy skydiving and experience flying like an eagle in real time. It is really a thrilling adventure, especially for action lovers and visitors who love to enjoy free fall from the 5 storeys with air conditioned tunnel. This global franchise has around 32 tunnels of sky venture and a lot of birthday party and corporate events are held here where you can share your experience and leave lasting impression among the guests.

This free fall adventure gives you the chills in real time. This activity is held according to the training and instructions of the professionals in front of Siloso beach. You can fly as a free fall to have the pleasure of sky diving in real life. This activity provides the accurate and safest free wall with air flows from wall to wall with several overhead fans giving the workout to full body, where your heart rate will be racing.

  1. Feel the thrills with free fall : Themed as an airport terminal, this activity gives you the feel of a flight journey where you experience flying in the sky. The experts will teach you the right posture during flight. At every movement, you can have sensational experience in a blink of your eye.
  2. Ride for the family : Along with being the thrilling and heart racing experience, the ride is also a workout for full body.
  3. Exciting indoor adventure : It is an affordable and easier indoor activity that people of all skill levels can enjoy to fulfill their dreams of flying high under the instructions of professionals.
  1. Even physically disabled people can fly.
  2. Valid ID proof is needed before check in.
  3. Opens from 9 AM to 9:30 PM
  4. Special offer if it is your first time
Skyline Luge with Skyride
Skyline Luge with Skyride
  1. Jungle Trail & Dragon Trail
  2. Night luge
  3. 4D roller coaster ride
  4. Forest adventure
Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure Park
Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure Park
  1. Siloso Beach
  2. Palawan Beach
  3. Tanjong Beach
  4. Night ride
Megazip Adventure Park
Megazip Adventure Park
  1. Climb max
  2. Para Jump
  3. 16 meter highest climbing wall
  4. Mega Bounce