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Gogreen Segway Eco
Gogreen Segway Ece Adventure

Enjoy the tropical and scenic beauty of the Segway Eco Adventure Park and glide through the park for having memorable experience across three beaches of Sentosa Island, making it ideal for advanced level riders. Palawan, Siloso and Tanjong are the three beaches in Sentosa Island which have flowering trees, alluring fragrances, serene white sand stretches, and giant coconut palms where you can have ultimate experience as per the guidance of experienced professionals.

Even beginners can enjoy these adventure rides as instructors would guide them along for having safe and easy ride. At Santosa Island, there are cool beaches for outdoor activities like volleyball, and a fun family trip with ideal introductory experience for all. In this trip, you can also rent the bicycles. There are no major obstacles on the simple route and 10 riders are allowed to enter the thrilling zone. You can enjoy the ride for 3 hours to enjoy the city tour at Eco Adventure Park.

  1. Palawan Beach :It is a family-friendly beach where you can enjoy the best suited ride for all the family members.
  2. Tanjong Beach :It is another amazing and best-suited beach for having a ride along the beach and pleasant experience.
  3. Siloso Beach :Visit this hippest beach located right up the Palawan Beach and is also famous for different outdoor activities.
  4. Night Ride :Segway gives fun and exciting experience in the night time when passing through all the above beaches. It is really amazing to ride after sunset along the beaches.
  1. One should have at least 3 ft. height and above 10 years of age to enjoy these activities
  2. Even beginners can enjoy the activities
  3. People with physical disability, back problem, or motion sickness are not allowed
  4. You can ride around 3 beaches
  5. Enjoy the refreshing and safe ride with experienced guide
  6. You should check in at least 15 to 30 minutes before
  7. Opens from 10 AM to 7 PM
Megazip Adventure Park
Megazip Adventure Park
  1. Climb max
  2. Para Jump
  3. 16 meter highest climbing wall
  4. Mega Bounce
Climbmax Singapore
Climbmax Singapore
  1. Climbing across netting
  2. Jumping across gaps
  3. Swaying bridges
  4. mega jumping
Para Jumping Singapore
Para Jumping Singapore
  1. Night jumps
  2. Pond swooping
  3. Parachuting free-fall
  4. Tracing