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Night Safari
Singapore Night Safari Adventure Tours

In this night safari tour, we will take you to Singapore’s first nocturnal zoo which opens full night. It is the most visited tourist destination and you can have a chance in adventure tour to mingle with various animals on your night safari. You can visit 7 geographic zones in the world within 35 minutes long tram ride. In the well known leopard series, you can find huge range of wildlife in South East Asia. Enjoy the performance of creatures while strolling into two huge aviaries in the Jungle Park accompanied by tribal performances.

If you are visiting Singapore, you may definitely want to do something exciting and adventurous. This night safari tour will surely make your night memorable. It is a thrilling ride under the infinity and clear sky to feel the silence and different voices of animals. The safari ride and different activities make forest more alive in night than on the day. You can see the animals playing in burning heat of the day and you can get closer to wildlife. You can enjoy night creatures dancing along and you should definitely watch the well-trained animals. You can also witness Asian Lions, Asian Elephants, Malayan tigers, fishing cats, and clouded leopards, apart from 2500 resident animals and 130 species.

  1. Amazing dining experience :Have the most amazing experience in night safari dining adventure when you dine out with night creatures. You can enjoy free flow beverages like beer and wine and have mock tails.
  2. Leopard Trails :On these trails, visitors can feel amazed when spotting the beautiful leopards in glass exhibits and also get closer to giant flying squirrels and Malayan flying foxes.
  3. Meet night creatures : It is a fun-filled adventure tour where you can have ideal opportunities to mingle with white tigers, leopards, proboscis monkeys, Gir lions, and a lot of night creatures.
  1. Witness lions performing at splash safari
  2. Movement of different animals
  3. Explore the wildlife from a new perspective
  4. VIP Buggy private tour
  5. Meet different species in different hours
  6. Enjoy the delicious dishes with a lot of dining arrangements
  7. Play with night creatures all night
  8. Pickup timing – 7:30 PM to 12:00 AM

Note – Safari tickets to be available only till 11:15 PM

I Fly Singapore
I fly Singapore
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