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Legoland Malaysia
Genting Highland

With over 70 innovative shows, rides, and attractions for full day adventure and entertainment, LEGOLAND is a world-renowned theme park in Malaysia that entertains people of all ages. The park also offers dining facilities and resort for accommodation. It also allows you to experience diversity at once with a lot of splashes, water-based rides, and action-packed activities. With a huge range of outdoor and indoor activities, there is something for every visitor, from kids to adults. It is a fun holiday destination for a family with a lot of cool and amazing rides which really give an amazing experience to the visitors. There is no lack of themed attractions in this park, including LEGO Kingdoms, Lego City, The Beginning, Land of Adventure, and MINILAND for different adventures at the same place.

You can also find water cannons, play structure as well as water splashes that people of all ages can enjoy. Kids can even personalize their raft while floating through the lazy river and it is really a very innovative concept. There is an observation park which offers wonderful and exciting views of this park. Visitors can walk along the park while exploring the ancient dinosaurs. A lot of activities are available for kids to fulfill their dreams, such as the pilot of the airplane, the caption of their boat, and driving. LEGOLAND Park has been established by the Merlin Entertainment, a British group. It is an international park which has a lot of attractions, including the Earth Explorer and Sea Life centre. It is a well-known landmark in Asia which has a lot of amazing activities with plenty of wonders to enjoy.

  1. MINILAND :It is really a great landmark which houses a lot of water splashes for you.
  2. Outdoor theme Park :Fire Laser Blaster to protect an ancient treasure into the tropical jungle at the Island.
  3. Lego Kingdom :You can take a gallop in the Forestmen’s Hideout, Royal Joust, and Dragon Coaster.
  4. Indoor activities :– If you need some shelter from the rain or cool off, you can enjoy a lot of activities here. If the weather is not so friendly outside, you can also enjoy these activities.
  1. Water splashes, wonderful rides, and fun activities
  2. Fire Laser Blaster and Dragger Coaster
  3. Wonderful activities for younger people and kids
  4. Luxurious resorts for the wonderful accommodation
  5. Entertainment and adventure activities when floating on the river
  1. Ticket price varies by time and age
  2. Opens from 10 AM to 6 PM


Langkawi Cable Car
Langkawi Cable Car
  1. Cable car ride
  2. Rain forest
  3. Natural beauty
  4. Different species of migrant birds
Tanjung Sanctuary
Tanjung Sanctuary
  1. Beachfront Villa
  2. Hilltop Villas
  3. Sea facing Villas
  4. 200 species of migratory birds
Penang Hill
Penang Hill
  1. Cable car ride
  2. Owl Museum
  3. luxurious resort
  4. Hindu temple and a tea kiosk