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Genting Highlands
Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is an ideal getaway for the tourists as it has a lot of amazing activities to enjoy at indoor and outdoor theme parks. You can enjoy fun rides, rock climbing, mountain biking, and meet rare animals at Genting Highlands perched high above the sea level. Visitors can enjoy different adventure activities like trekking, horse riding, mountain biking, sky diving, and rock climbing. These heart pumping activities will definitely awake your senses. Malaysia also has a casino that you can access by cable car which has dual safety circuits.

The First World Plaza is the main attraction here. It is an indoor theme park where visitors can definitely enjoy the exciting skating and magic show. Located around 1 hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur, this theme park is a well-known landmark in the world and it is filled with humid weather.

This theme park is an ideal spot for kids and family to offer serene and tranquil views of the surroundings. The highland also has shopping centers, amusement parks, entertainment area, food outlets, and fitness centre. It also has pubs, bars, and lounge for best B&B and dining facilities. It is well covered by nature and rainforest surrounding it. There are many adventure activities performed here for relaxing and tranquil stay.

  1. Outdoor Theme Park :This theme park offers a lot of outdoor activities, including flying coaster, flume ride, and sky diving to the visitors. You can also have great heart pumping experience here.
  2. Indoor Theme Park :It is the most popular and wonderful attraction with sky venture, exciting rides, and wind tunnel. You can enjoy all the activities despite your age.
  3. Water Park :At Genting Highlands, there is a water park which has a lot of activities like playground, water splash, and slides.
  4. Casino :You can enjoy a lot of entertainment activities and games here.
  5. Snow World :Skip the hot and humid environments and enjoy the ice skating and snow slide facilities.
  1. First World Plaza and Snow World
  2. Enjoy great accommodation, dining and drinking facilities at resorts
  3. Enjoy cool rides at theme parks
  4. Live music performances
  5. Skyway Cable car ride
  6. Genting highlands accommodation
  1. Entry is prohibited for children under 21 in casino
  2. Free parking is available
Legoland Malaysia
Legoland Malaysia
  1. Miniland
  2. Fire Laser Blaster
  3. Forestmen's Hideout & Dragon Coaster
  4. Floating on the river water
Langkawi Cable Car
Langkawi Cable Car
  1. Cable car ride
  2. Rain forest
  3. Natural beauty
  4. Different species of migrant birds
Tanjung Sanctuary
Tanjung Sanctuary
  1. Beachfront Villa
  2. Hilltop Villas
  3. Sea facing Villas
  4. 200 species of migratory birds