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Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island is an exotic and small island at the west of peninsular side of Malaysia which is devoted to tradition and culture. The island welcomes the tourists from different parts of the world to visit the areas like Pangkor Town, Dutch Fort, Great Wall of China and Chinese Temple. In this island, visitors can definitely engage in activities, such as trekking, motor riding, kayaking, jungle trekking, and scuba diving. Located around the white sandy beaches and stunning rainforest, the island is the best place to enjoy different activities which ensures lots of entertainment and fun for the visitors. There is no ideal or not so ideal time to visit here as you can always find favorable weather all the year round in Malaysia.

Visitors can also enjoy exotic views of the island with serene sunset and heavy rainfall in tropical greens of Malaysia. It has some of the premier spa centers in the world, resorts and serene vistas of marine life which takes you to fine and sophisticated dining while savoring on sea food and you can have pleasant evening. The resort offers serene sea villas, sea views, outdoor pool, and sea suits which take you to pristine evening. The resort hosts a lot of celebrations and events like birthdays, weddings, and meetings.

  1. Visit the beautiful towns and villages :You can be the part of amazing and water sports activities here.
  2. Explore rich history and culture :At Pangkor Island, there are some places where you can explore rich history and culture of Malaysia.
  3. Visit the sand and sea :At Pangkor Island, you will definitely have fun at the white sand around the sea. Here, beaches are maintained well to enjoy plenty of activities.
  4. Sandy and white beach : Around the east of the island, you can visit the Pangkor town, Fishing Village, Kali Amman temple and Dutch Fort. You can also taste seafood and local dishes in some places and even buy souvenirs in some shops.
  5. Adventures :One of the best activities here are bicycling or biking around the way. If you love adventure, you may definitely go for trekking in the jungle. The beaches have white sand and turquoise blue water. It has tortoise bay, coral bay, and other busy regions on the vacations. Some of the activities you can enjoy are mount climbing, trekking, kayaking, parasailing, paragliding, and snorkeling.
  1. Enjoy the fun rids
  2. Lots of water sports activities
  3. Have fun and leisure at sandy beach
  4. Activities for your kids
  5. Best resort for fine dining, accommodation and drinking
  1. Lots of adventure activities to explore
  2. Scuba diving, snorkeling, and parasailing
  3. Fishing village, Pangkor temple and town
  4. Enjoy tasty drinks, dishes and seafood
Mount Kinabalu
Mount Kinabalu
  1. Paragliding, climbing and trekking
  2. Mount Kinabalu Climb
  3. Kinabalu National Park
  4. Diverse flora & fauna
Henting Highlands
Genting Highlands
  1. Sky venture and wind tunnel
  2. flume ride and flying coaster
  3. Water Park
  4. Snow World
Sepang International Circuit
Sepang International Circuit
  1. Formula 1 race
  2. Museum and sports club
  3. Shops and exciting games
  4. Entertainment Events