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Gmax Reverse Bungy
Singapore Wave House Adventure Tours

G Max Bungy is a famous and exciting activity in Clarke Quay in Singapore to relish the power of gravity on earth. You can enjoy the 60m ride which attracts both locals and visitors from different parts of the world. Bungy is a well known where strong gravitational draw is fused on earth. The whole day is filled with energetic exercises for the sightseers and they will never get tired of doing this activity. The containers are well maintained for the safety of visitors and special ride is allowed with the container.

The one and only Reverse Bungy attracts hundreds of people to watch the bungy and ride on it, with adrenaline rush at highest level. It has open air capsules that have capacity of 3 persons to seat them and it takes visitors up to 60m high in the air at around 200 km per hour. The capsules have been prepared well to be strapped in metal case. It ensures the breathtaking view for you to keep your eyes open for this exciting experience.

  1. Clark Quay : It is the best place around the river with several bars and vivid places to enjoy in adventure.
  2. Bungy bar : Have ample relaxation and pamper yourself during the adventure. Bungy bar is the best place to sit back and relax with a glass of wine.
  3. GX 5 : It is the flyer with a lift to take you along with four others in a capsule around 100m off the Singapore River and back in 50 meter of free fall.
  4. Ultimate Magic : It is a magic show where celebrity magicians present their magic in a different way.
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  6. Don’t take the ride if you are induced with vomiting
I Fly Singapore
I Fly Singapore
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Skyline Luge With Skyride
Skyline Luge with Skyride
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Forest Adventure
Forest Adventure
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