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Eco Adventure Day Cruise Tour
Eco Adventure Day Cruise Tour

Eco Adventure Day cruise tour at Langkawi Island really gives wonderful experience and takes you to excellent sailing excursions with Stardust, largest cruise in Langkawi. As tour starts, our speed boat will take you on a 1-hour ride where you can catch the glimpse of joyful monkeys playing along, coral fish, brown winged kingfishers, and moon fish.

The tour continues with drag netting, kayaking, and fishing activities. A small wooden yacht is well maintained to take you through the exotic rainforest to explore the flora and fauna. A floating fish farm “Hall in the Wall” is the best place to explore a moon fish which comes off the water and coral fish which flaunts its red and green stripes proudly. After exploring fish farm, the cruise leaves you to star cruise where you can enjoy welcome drinks, tasty dishes, and the exotic beauty of surroundings.

At the tour, you can get to explore the wonderful natural secrets, limestone forests, and palm fringed shores. You will be escorted to a hidden lagoon to feel the thrill on Stardust cruise where you can explore the sparkling black waters. Witness the small cavern where it seems to end the cave. You will learn about the history of Langkawi from the staff members and enjoy the boat ride across the sea. You can captivate the surrounding areas and witness the ecosystem of Langkawi. You will be served with huge range of chilled beers, wines, soft drinks and cocktails at the open bar along with a BBQ dinner.

  1. Pick and drop from hotel
  2. Adventure activities like kayaking, snorkeling, and fishing
  3. Ride across the nearby areas
  4. Exciting BBQ dinner
  5. Savor the tasty wine, cocktails, soft drinks and bears
  6. See the monkeys playing at the beach
  7. Pass through a hidden lagoon
  8. Visit the fish farm
Lankawi Sunset Cruise Tour
Langkawi Sunset Cruise Tours
  1. Delicious BBQ dinner
  2. Sailing across the Andaman Sea
  3. Exotic drink with music
  4. fishing and leisure for a fantastic experience
Naam Cruise Tour
Naam Cruise Tour
  1. Open air deck
  2. Watch falcons
  3. Delicious Buffet meal
  4. Changing hues of the sky
Langkawi Cocktail Cruise Tours
Langkawi Cocktail Cruise Tours
  1. Dining at a floating restaurant
  2. Ride towards the beaches of the magnificent Island
  3. Amazing sunset views
  4. Wine, beverages, beers, cocktails