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Kinabalu National Park
Kinabalu National Park Adventure Tours

Kinabalu National Park is strategically positioned in the hilly region which includes fun activities and natural wonders like hot springs, waterfall, insect museum, and Botanical Garden. It is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can spot Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world which blossoms very rarely. It is a very beautiful place takes you to the Poring hot spring when passing through the vegetable farms, scenic countryside, and roadside stalls. Mt. Kinabalu is located in the park which hosts several activities like trekking, mountain biking, and paragliding.

You can enjoy the best accommodation at the park and it also houses a range of frogs, orchids, lowland and butterflies. It is one of the best national parks which have world’s rarest orchids. It has a lot of remarkable features which also include various flora and fauna species, including mammals, birds, and snail species. The park is well located at west coast and has been the well-known tourist destination to give experience for lifetime, especially for nature lovers. It has a huge range of natural ecosystem which has various types of natural habitats from tropical greens to alpine. The park is geographically separated with the diverse ecosystem to raise the excitement levels of visitors.

  1. Memories for lifetime – In the park, you can have experience that you will never forget for lifetime and you can also capture wonderful moments in your camera.
  2. Stunning Sceneries – The national park has no lack of stunning flora which offers wonderful experience especially for nature lovers.
  3. Wonderful experience – The Park houses the biological and botanical species where you can accompany the nature for really a wonderful experience.
  1. Have fun in botanical greens, hot springs and waterfall
  2. Enjoy mountain climbing, trekking at Mt. Kinabalu
  3. Explore diverse species of wildlife and plantation
  4. Witness Rafflesia, the largest flower
  1. Buy tickets for the park, canopy walk and hot spring
  2. Entry fee is flexible
  3. Park opens 7 AM
Gunung Mulu National Park
Gunung Mulu National Park
  1. Water river, wind caves, deer caves and turtle cave
  2. Trekking and waterfall
  3. Largest mountain Gunung Mulu
  4. Canopy Skywalk to see wildlife
Lost World of Tambun Amusement Park
Lost World of Tambun Amusement Park
  1. Petting Zoo
  2. Amazing rides in the waterpark
  3. Dragon flight, storm Rider & Perak Parade
  4. Tin Valley and Tiger Valley
Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
Sunway Lagoon Theme Park
  1. flow rides, challenging activities, thrilling slides
  2. wave pool, scare zone and horror theatre
  3. Majestic tigers, splash and suspension bridge
  4. Malaysia’s longest flying fox ride and bungee jump