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Jumeirah Mosque Dubai
Jumeirah Mosque
General Info

Built in the ancient Fatimid architecture style, Jumeirah Mosque is devoted to Islamic traditions. Many tourists flock here to learn about the Islam and its culture. It has extraordinary beauty with its glittering and shining lights which attract visitors to soak in the serenity and peace. Masjid is actually an Arabic word which represents Mosque where guests need to cover their heads and remove shoes to enter the mosque. Friday is the holy day of Islamic week when all Muslims are commanded to go for prayer at the mosque. It has a great importance as it tells its own story of endless serenity and timeless beauty to mesmerize you all the time. Sheikh Mohammad Centre organizes the tour to Jumeirah Mosque where visitors can learn about Islamic religion and culture.

It is a must visit attraction that can amaze you with amazing and glorious life in the light on the whole trip. It really gives a great opportunity for you to learn about Emirati religion and culture in an open, relaxed environment at the landmark. The mosque is combined with modern materials to promote cultural importance and first-hand experience to the Islamic culture. Jumeirah Mosque is supposed to be apparent as the well photographed landmark, especially when it is lit up over an evening sky. It is recommended to wear traditional clothes before making entry to the mosque. If you don’t have one, you can borrow them at the mosque. It is a dominant landmark in the city of Dubai where visitors can take camera to capture some beautiful shots. It brings different nationalities together with ‘Open Doors, Open Minds’ policy.

  1. People from any religions are welcome
  2. A peaceful place to relax and rejuvenate
  3. Amazing architecture and astounding beauty
  4. Get a glimpse to Islamic tradition and culture
  5. Remove shoes before entering
  6. Cover your arms, heads, and legs
  1. Opens 9 AM to 5 PM (except Friday)
  2. Ticket prices vary as per the age
  3. Transport facilities available for the mosque
  4. Pre-registration is mandatory to enter the mosque