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Heritage Village Dubai
Heritage Village

General Info

Heritage Village was established with a vision to introduce traditions, customs, local craftsmanship and profession in UAE. It is well known as a tourist destination built to keep remembrance of traditional life and previous culture. It takes you back to the traditional and cultural life of the glorious past, with craftsmanship and custom. Visitors from different parts of the world come here to witness the historic beauty of this landmark to attend several events like National Day of UAE, shopping festivals, and Flag Day. You will get to explore the tradition and lifestyle of the place.

It makes an exciting journey for the tourists as Dancing and Singing is in the soul of UAE. Here, local heritage came through its commercial relation. Visitors can enjoy performances of folk dance and singing. Dances are usually performed in winters, which are widely considered as a peak season. You can witness how locals perform different professions and it hosts medical clinic during the season. It also has shops which offer palm made items, pottery, traditional sweets and other equipments. Along with its activities, visiting Heritage Village offers a unique opportunity to learn about the traditional life of the city.


  1. There are several events you can attend like National Day of UAE, shopping festival and Flag Day
  2. Great experience to view folk dance and singing
  3. Glimpse of past tradition and culture
  4. Great fun during winters


  1. Operates in winter
  2. Opens 8.30 AM to 10.30 PM
  3. Best time to visit here is October to March