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Dubai Emirates Tower
Emirates Towers
General Info

Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Emirates Tower is the commercial business district of Dubai which houses different outlets for clothing, food, spa, exercise studio, and swimming. It is a fanciful tourist attraction in one of the most anticipated locations as it includes gardens, lakes, open seating range, waterfalls, and parking lots. It displays the success of Dubai as a corporate hub as it is stretched over 42 sections of landmark. It has the best eateries to enjoy fine dining and you can also enjoy delicious seafood here at the restaurants.

Dubai Emirates Towers is a prestigious and exciting landmark offering the best dining, shopping, and nightlife scene as a luxurious landmark in UAE. There are two main sections of the Emirates Towers – Jumeirah Emirates Tower Hotel and Emirates Office Tower. The office tower is relatively taller than the inn, which has 54 stories, but inn tower has 56 stories. There are 400 extensive rooms in the Towers along with the most exciting areas for the business administrations, corporate hubs, travelers and innovative ideas. You shouldn’t miss this celebrated and astonishing historical attraction of Dubai on your holidays.

Dubai Emirates Towers is one of the most popular options for best business hotels and corporate travelers in Dubai. It consists of furnished, airy rooms and suites with best amenities. It is one of the most stunning architectures in Dubai with wonderful views complemented by business services and world-class accommodation. It truly redefines the experience of business hotel, which combines futuristic technology for unmatched luxury.

It includes bedroom hotel tower and 350m office towers. It is a sleek manmade marvel made of glass and steel and it truly redefines the categories of business hotel. It combines high technology with unmatched excellence and luxury to make it a corporate workplace with efficiency, apart from innovative IT amenities. It has been designed with perfection to meet the needs of corporate people by holding conferences and events in stylish venues.

It is basically a retail complex which is combined with world-class boutiques and services it is attached with. Dubai Emirates Tower is well known as a world-class milestone offering great experience in Dubai. It is well known for its interconnected structures with retail spaces in 2 stories. It accommodates the guests with health club and swimming pool with huge range of facilities available. Its multifaceted architecture shows diversity of more than 15 well-known lounges, restaurants and bars.

  1. World-class nightlife and dining venue
  2. Lavish suites and rooms
  3. Space for business and corporate events
  4. Health club, spa, and outdoor swimming pool
  5. Shopping destination
  1. Opens 24 hours