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Dubai Museum
General Info

Dubai Museum is widely known as one of the best attractions in the city of Dubai where you can get the glimpse of its local culture and tradition. This museum has beautifully retained the culture and tradition of the city and the glorious past of UAE. You can easily spot age-old weaponry, traditional houses, musical instruments, and Bedouin tents and various old belongings. You can also find ceilings made of block, palm fronts, and lime, plaster and bud to present the majestic looks of the complex.

It is well known as the oldest city’s structure. The Galleries at Dubai Museum present the historic mosques, Arab houses, date farms, souks, deserts and marine life. It is well regarded as the best epitome of desert fort which combines the present and past in the form of archeological exhibits starting from the excavation of desert. You can witness the handcrafted war weapons used by the military during ancient periods. You can completely utilize your time or even a complete day without feeling bored at the museum. The main objective of this museum is to present the Emirati lifestyle from African and Asian nations which are engaged in trade practices with the city. This museum welcomes millions of visitors every year. This museum was built with coral rock and mortar, making it a significant epitome of the desert.

Things to do
  1. Explore the souks, old weapons and musical instruments
  2. Get a glimpse to ancient culture and tradition
  3. Witness the date farms, Arab houses, deserts and ancient trade
Things to Know
  1. Timings – 8.30 AM to 8.30 PM (Saturday to Thursday), and 2.30 AM to 8.30 PM on Fridays
  2. Entry fee applicable as per the age