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Butterfly Garden Dubai
General Info

Dubai has no lack of tourist attractions where you can see diverse range of flora and fauna. Butterfly Garden in Dubai is devoted to preservation of wildlife in manmade structures. Located next to Miracle Garden, Butterfly Garden in Dubai is the biggest cove devoted to wildlife and its preservation. The garden includes 3 different ponds with different types of vivid fish species and over 15000 butterflies. The garden also presents 3D flower designs based on butterfly theme where you will have exotic feel and fun. To witness the actual lifecycle of butterfly, visit this beautiful butterfly garden. It welcomes you with a giant butterfly model at the entrance with smiling face of flower petal.

It is the best place with lots of beautiful sights to get closer to several vivid butterflies and capture their activities. Butterfly garden covers the largest area and houses up to 24 varieties of butterflies from various countries and various types of vivid flowers. This beautiful garden also serves as a museum devoted to butterflies with ponds having different vivid fishes to improve the natural beauty of the park. You can relax and sit at the restaurants and souvenir shops and get close to the butterflies. You can improve your knowledge on these beautiful creatures on an exotic garden tour.

  1. Explore different types of flowers
  2. Vivid and beautiful butterflies
  3. Get close to over 15000 butterflies
  4. 3 ponds with beautiful fish
  5. 3D flower case
  6. Restaurants and souvenir shops
  1. Tickets for entry
  2. Opens 9 AM to 6 PM