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Batu Caves Temple
Batu Caves
General Info

Batu Caves is a limestone hill with 272 steps that attracts thousands of visitors and devotees especially at the time of Hindu festival. The major attraction of the temple is 130 feet high statue of Hindu God “Murugan” which is located at the entrance of the cave. There are 3 caves at the temple where steps are leading to the main cave. Find the 400 million years old caves that gives insight and understanding of the religious roots of incredible and diverse nation. It has been transformed into a colourful community with restaurants and stores along the streets. One cave is Ramayana where one can see the paintings and statues of Hindu God. Multi-racial and multi-religion country that takes you to view the stunning skyline of the city centre where interiors are linked to the Hindu Shrine. See the beauty and charm of the ancient and modern Kuala Lumpur which is known for its colourful culture, tradition and races that will really amaze you. Drive along the little India to reach to the Batu caves and see the oriental part of the city which is intertwined with Mogul, Islamic and Moorish style building.

Thaipusam is the annual festival celebrated there every year, in the month of January or February. Devotees come for prayer at the temple so it seems very crowded especially on public holidays. The tour embarks you the cultural exploration of Malaysia that has transformed into a community with streets and lined with quaint shops and restaurants. Batik centre is there for producing the designed and art in this region which is ready to wear. During the tour you will be greeted by the mischievous little monkeys at the caves which takes you towards the summit of the mountain. It takes all the visitors to know about the culture and tradition of Malaysia. To satiate your hunger, some food stalls are also available that serves delicious delicacies. A professional tour guide help you during the tour and tells you about the history of the Caves and Malaysian culture.

  1. A guided tour to Batu Caves
  2. Climb 272 steps to reach to the caves
  3. Greeted by the mischievous monkeys
  4. See Batik designing and arts
  5. Enjoy delicious delicacies
  6. Drive along little India to Batik centre, shops, restaurants and caves
  7. Learn about the ancient and modern story of the amazing place
  8. Enjoy annual festival “Thaipusam” (In January or February)
  1. Opening Hours: - 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM