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The Secret Side of Bali – Stunning Places to Travel in Bali like Never Before

Bali is beautifully known as a beach haven where you can relax, soak in the beauty of the sun, and a great tan. But there are certain secret sides of Bali that only a few people know. These places will definitely give a new level of experience to you. If you are visiting Bali, you must be ready to experience the extraordinary that you will never want to miss out. These are some of the hidden gems in Bali to have the adventure like never before –

Horse Riding on Canggu Beach

There is nothing more majestic than riding a horse along the turquoise waters, dashing into sunset through the gentle and rolling waves. It seems like a part of your dreams but it is true that you can hire horses at Canggu Beach. You can take a riding tour for 40 minutes, complemented with friendly guides who will happily capture you while parading on these racing beasts. You will pass through Canggu Village, located 20 minutes north of Seminyak on the tour which is located halfway to Tanah Lot. It was amazing to walk along the recent route on the way to the beach while embracing the Instagram-worthy villas with good look surfers and private pools in the area. Watching the horses over the shallow water is really adorable.

Horse Riding on Canggu-Beach

Dolphin Watching at Lovina Beach

Watching dolphins is another way to explore the wild side of Bali. You might sail on the rural on the rural fishing boats where veteran boatmen navigating the chopping waters expertly and providing really amazing photos. If you are lucky, you can expect a pod of dolphins swam towards the boat and frolicking under the waves. You may have seen dolphins on animal shows or at aquariums but seeing them in their own habitat is more exciting on a whole new level.


Feed Fishes at a coral reef off the Lovina Beach coast

There is something more exciting when it comes to feeding fishes by hand. It’s like having a close encounter to Mother Nature. You may get closer to a coral reef off the Lovina Beach coast and feed these fishes by hand. It may cost up to S$10 per person. Be sure to be fascinated with wildlife if you haven’t seen coral reef so closely.

Feed-Fishes-at-coral reef-off the Lovina Beaccoast

Take a camel ride

You may never know but it is true. You can take a camelback ride and explore the amazing views for up to one hour. These camels can take two people at once. Camels from Australia have 1 hump and Saharan camels have 2 humps. You can get the picture-perfect views on the back of these camels, much like Middle Eastern experience in Bali. You can also enjoy some complimentary and refreshing drinks offered by friendly locals.


Dine at the corner of the cliff

Perched on the edge of Uluwatu cliffs, Kabron is really an amazing beach club. Don’t get scared by 50m height while dining by the Cliffside to enjoy the serene and tranquil views of the whole area. Even though it is open throughout the day, but don’t forget to catch the sunset. It is peaceful heaven to skip the crowd of the city and enjoy the beautiful sunsets while sipping on the delicious cocktails, mocktails and fresh fruit juice.

Dine-at-the-corner-of-cliffBALI HOTEL PACKAGES

Visit the most peaceful waterfall in Bali

By the moment you set your eyes on the tranquil 35m tall Gitgit Waterfall covered by the lush greens, you will feel the water running through your toes. The moist and pleasant air covering the waterfall at 300m above the sea level provides a soothing respite from the scorching heat of the afternoon. It is located on the north, in the proximity to Lovina Beach and Singaraja. You can ride the car to the center of Gitgit and walk for up to 20 minutes to reach the waterfall.

Visit-the-most-peaceful-waterfall-in-BaliBANJAR HOT SPRING

Catch a Majestic View of Mount Batur

It is really worth to climb 3 hours up Mt. Batur and feel that you are out of this world. There is nothing more majestic than this panoramic sight which could get you convinced. You can forget all your worries and exhaustion when you climb the summit and view this majestic landscape.

You will want to be ready for the trip. Pack light, wear proper hiking gear and be sure to have enough grips on your shoes. As you climb higher in the mountain, the weather gets cold. Be sure to carry warm clothes to deal with change in temperature. You may even rent sweaters for up to $8 at the foot and return them when you come back.

Catch-a-Majestic-View-of-Mount-BaturBALI ATTRACTION TOURS

Eat what the locals eat

You may want to hop the café. But there is nothing more exciting and authentic than eating like the locals and going to the gastronomic voyage of the well known local food. You must try a signature Indonesian dish, Bak So. You can mix it with intestines or eat with meatballs. It really tastes great in any way. This tasty dish is among the major highlights of the tour. You may head to Kuta Market and explore the region and try these dishes.


Visit an abandoned aircraft

The origin of this abandoned aircraft is still a mystery. But it is well located for photogenic and adventure opportunity. You can get inside, explore and even climb on it as there is no fence here. You should go with caution as its support looks shaky but it is still worth a visit if you love adventure.


Walk along the paddy fields

Farming is the lifeblood of residents in Bali and paddy fields are really a trademark of Bali along with its beaches. You can explore the clear rows of plants stretched as far as you can see and the view just gets better when the sun sets. These fields are really very amazing as many travelers just get lost in their charm when they watch the magnificent sunsets. If you love the delightful food with a view, visit the Central Ubud in the heart of a paddy field.


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