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5 Soothing and Relaxing Hot Springs in Bali for a True Wellness Retreat

The pleasing and relaxing hot springs are the well-kept secrets of Bali. You have another reason to soothe your soul along with its celebrity-endorsed trips and blissful beaches.

Set amidst the peaceful Hindu temples and sprawling rice paddy fields, the thermal water bubbles in hot springs really give therapeutic experience to the visitors which have long been appreciated by the locals. These natural hot springs cure, soothe, and please all your body’s pains and aches.

After a long and tiring day of hiking or as a holiday experience after years of hard work, there is no better reward for you than soaking your tired muscles and getting indulged in the natural remedies at the Island of the Gods.

In this guide, we will discuss a range of best hot springs, set in both far-reached rural settings and luxury-chic heavens which will give you delightful experience that is unmatched from any hotel spa.


Enjoy the Lavish Hot Spring Experience of the Toya Devasya Hot Springs:-

Do you want to indulge in luxury at its best? Located in Kintamani, Toya Devasya is one of the most up-market locations to soak your bones in. Located in the tranquil landscapes, the pools have earned a reputation for world-class facilities and turquoise blue and odorless waters which have no sulfur gases.

Located in the northeast of the island, Kintamani is also an exotic highland region where adventure awaits the thrill seekers. Sip your favorite cocktail while gazing at the spectacular views of Lake Batur or spend your day at leisure while hiking up the steep slopes of Mt. Batur, there is no lack of options for enjoying a memorable day. But in the end, don’t forget to indulge in the curative properties of soothing waters of Toya Devasya to ease your sore muscles, which is an ideal luxury remedy.

Bathe at the Magical Banjar Hot Springs:-

The holy hot springs of Banjar or “Air Panas” are surrounded by the jungle-clad, evergreen slopes, making it one of the most popular and healing waters of the island. Having skin problems that are hard to cure? You may give these sulphuric waters a try, which is known to cure your skin pores. There are mythical stone-carved dragon-like figurines of Naga which spill these soothing waters into three pools at around 37 degrees Celsius of tempting heat.

You can access these pools through Banjar village which is located short drive from Lovina, the black sand beach (similar to the ones in Amed). It is a slippery yet steep climb and a bumpy ride of horse and cart up the hillside. But this experience is worth the effort. The pools are surrounded by the gardens with tropical charm. There is also a small restaurant which serves delightful Indonesian dishes facing the tranquil serenity of running water.

At the magical and healing hot springs, bathing with the locals is an absolute Balinese experience and it is something you must do. The Air Panas is located only a few minutes of distance from Villa Bossi and is positioned at the Banjar village hills covered by the tropical greens. According to the locals, the water here is holy as it is a bit sulfurous and has a pleasant temperature.

There are stone carvings of eight fierce-faced snakes which pour the water from hot spring on the first bath. Then, it overflows to the second, and at the third pool. The water pours from the third water pool around 3m high where you will get a relaxing massage experience.

If you are visiting these hot springs, don’t miss the Brahma Vihara Arama, the only Buddhist monastery in Bali, which is located only 1.5 km from here. If you don’t want a crowd, be sure to arrive before 10 am to experience the therapeutic massage all by yourself.


  • Don’t bathe with your expensive swimsuit and beware of whitish textiles as the water is sulfuric and your swimsuit may end up with yellow stains.
  • Lockers and shower facilities are available
  • Watch out of the slippery floor

Enjoy Your Own Relaxing Bath at Angseri Hot Springs:-

Don’t want to spoil your experience in crowded hot springs? Angseri Hot Springs is the best option for you to enjoy your private spring bath with seclusion surrounded by the exotic rice paddies. You can even enjoy watching the Balinese farmers who tend the fields between forests of palm, bamboo, and fern trees from your own cabin. Here, the waterfall spills through an evergreen cliff side in one of the public pools where you will get a natural aqua massage. For a soapy scrub, you can also avail the fresh water showers.

These springs are the well-kept secrets in Bali for the tourists and you can enjoy half of the adventure here. It’s a bumpy ride along the pot-holed, twisting roads as well as slippery climb on the hillside to the pools’ milky green waters. If you want to get the feel of how locals live here, get here on Sunday when locals gather at the pools to have fun and feast at the traditional and small cafes ‘warungs’. You might also have the raw and serene indulgence here during the week.

Enjoy all the heat at hot springs of Belulang:-

Visit the springs of Belulang, which is believed to be Bali’s hottest springs. Set in the mid of luminous rice padding, the hot springs are full of water heated deep in the crust of Earth which seeps up under the Beji Temple and it reaches up to 40 degrees Celsius. The waters are purely enriched with minerals which rejuvenate the body and it has been used by the locals to cleanse their bodies before going to temple.


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